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Josh Newsome’s Tree Surgery was established in 1996. He built a reputable and thriving tree service company. The values for success have been hard work, relationships, and reputation.

Josh Newsome’s Tree Surgery is well known in Delaware and Madison county. The company began in 1996 in Albany and grew to a 4,000 sq foot shop in Muncie and another shop in Daleville, Indiana. Currently Josh Newsome’s Tree Surgery serves clients in Muncie, Daleville, Yorktown, Anderson and surrounding communities of Delaware and Madison County.

Currently Josh Newsome’s Tree Service is licensed in Muncie and Anderson. We have also work for several insurance companies including: All State, Farmers, Farm Bureau, American Insurance, United, Erie, Progressive and Nationwide.

Josh Newsome’s Tree Service has provided tree care to the cities of Muncie, Daleville, Yorktown, Chesterfield, Albany and others as well as serving Delaware county in State of Emergencies in assisting on cleaning up downed trees and limbs after natural disasters. Josh serves residential, business, and government customers throughout NE Indiana.

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Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal service provides professional and safe removal of unwanted or hazardous trees. Experts use specialized equipment to efficiently handle tree cutting, stump grinding, and debris cleanup, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding area.

Tree Pruning

Our pruning service expertly trims and shapes trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth, enhance appearance, and prevent potential hazards. Get a professional arborists to ensure precise cuts for optimal plant health and overall yard aesthetics.

Stump Removal

Our stump removal service efficiently eliminates tree stumps, preventing regrowth and improving landscape visual appeal. Professionals use specialized equipment to grind stumps below ground level, ensuring a clean and smooth finish you can count on.

Storm Damage

Storm damage service addresses fallen trees and debris after severe weather, ensuring safe removal and cleanup. Experts quickly clear hazardous trees, restoring safety and order to your property and family in an efficient and effective manner.
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