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Tree Pruning


Josh Newsome’s Tree Surgery follows all ANSI Standards and strives for expert and proper tree pruning. There is a right way and a wrong way to “prune” your trees. To ensure the health and longevity of your trees that grow on your property and produce the oxygen we breathe, we all need to do our part for proper tree care health.

Whether it be residential or commercial work, we recommend proper tree pruning, dead wooding and thinning by our experienced tree care professionals. We do not recommend topping but proper pruning and routine tree care maintenance. Shaping your tree and taking some height out of a tree by crown reduction/thinning from your tress foliage may be recommended to allow protection and restoration to the entire canopy. Proper pruning significantly reduces the weight in the crown of the tree. We mindfully select branches for removal, while following the proper guidelines. This allows more sunlight and airflow through the trees, which helps stimulate and maintain good interior, lush foliage.

As we take pride in all of our work, whether it be a larger tree removal or a small thinning and dead wooding of a mature maple tree, we do a thorough and complete clean-up of all our work, (unless we are asked to leave the wood) which includes: chipping of the brush, mulching of the limbs, hauling away wood, debris and clippings.

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